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Selling Real Estate in Madison & Dane County WI: Property Selling Tips & Advice

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In  2017 our real estate team helped 45% of our Madison area home-selling clients receive multiple offers on their listing. In 2018, our clients are way ahead of that pace with one recently receiving a whopping 14 offers to purchase. Great things happen when sellers receive multiple offers. Below are 5 reasons why we aim to attract competing offers for each and every sale. 

Advantages of Multiple Offers 

5 reasons to attract multiple offers

#1: Multiple offers help sellers attract the highest possible price. Just like an auction, the price goes up when buyers compete against each other. 

#2: Cash offers are more common when buyers compete. Heavy competition greatly increases the odds that one or more buyers will submit an offer without a financing contingency. For those

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Thinking of selling your Madison area home or condo in 2018? Below we share 10 short articles for your perusal. Each article offers plenty of practical, no-nonsense advice. Read on for some of our best home-selling tips. 

2018 Madison Home and Condo Selling Tips 

10 articles for Madison area home and condo sellers

#1: Our top 5 home improvement projects for increasing your home's value

Usually it's the simple home improvement projects that provide the biggest benefit. In this article we share our top 5 ways to increase your home's value on a budget. All 5 of these inexpensive projects offer a great return on investment. 

#2: How to protect your listing from a low appraisal

Low appraisals are relatively common in a fast-rising market and are the number one cause of canceled

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Last year we helped 50 Madison area clients sell their home, condo, or investment property. It was a good year for business, and a great year for results. In 2017 we were very focused on helping our clients sell for the highest possible price and in the shortest amount of time. Here are some of the strategies we used to achieve these results in 2017. 

Mad City Dream Homes - Home Selling Performance

Selling listings quickly and for a high market price

#1: Establish a "no budget" policy for each marketing plan. 

In other words, each listing receives its own customized marketing plan designed to produce the best results. We're huge believers in planning, preparation, and the creative process. Great things happen when we collaborate and get creative with our clients. 

#2: Implement

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A 3 dimensional "dollhouse" tour is a wonderful way to show off a luxury property or perfectly staged home. In a dollhouse tour, the viewer uses the arrow keys on a computer keypad to navigate the property virtually, glimpsing 360 degree views of every room. For some recent examples from our own listings, take a look at the 3 dollhouse tours below, all of which were produced by Justin Lackner.

9th floor Nolen Shore Condo

This dollhouse tour does an excellent job of conveying the panoramic Lake Monona views spanning the dining room, living room and master bedroom of this perfectly staged condo. Take control of this tour yourself and try zooming into the lakefront view. With this up-close look, you're able to obtain a very realistic view of Lake

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Thinking of selling your Madison area home or condo in the coming year? Here are 3 resolutions that will help you have a happy new year in 2018. 

Madison home seller resolutions

#1: Hire the listing agent who will net you the most at the closing table

A beautiful visual presentation is a requirement for a successful listing, so choose an agent who provides professional staging and professional photography (at a minimum) as part of their marketing plan. Your listing agent should also offer guidance on the low-cost improvements that will increase your home's value and reduce its time on the market. Last, your agent should demonstrate the negotiation skills you need to achieve the highest possible price for your home. When all is said and done you'll be glad you hired an agent

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Sellers Market in Madison WIThe seller's market seems to come to Madison a little earlier each year, and in 2018 we expect the Madison area real estate market to be hot by February 1st at the latest. The primary reason for this is low inventory. Buyers are adjusting to the low inventory market by starting their property searches in the wintertime instead of the spring - in order to get a jump on their competition. We're expecting buyers to be very active, very early in 2018 due to low supply in the Madison area. 

As of this article, Madison single family home listings are down by more than 12% from the same time last year, and condo listings are lower by more than 38%. Meanwhile, Dane County's population and economy keep growing. With low supply and high demand, we're predicting

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When the best of the best collaborate, good things are bound to happen. We recently watched this unfold with our Nolen Shore Condo listing, which drew multiple offers and accepted one above listing price in just 3 days.

This downtown high-rise overlooking Lake Monona is stellar on its own, but with the help of professional stagers and a photographer we were able to quickly transform this vacant property. "It demonstrates what can happen when you have all the right players involved to plan, execute, and manage a project," said Realtor Dan Miller.

Behind the scenes were stagers Debbie Lea and Karla Gones and photographer Justin Lackner, whose combined expertise helped make this condo shine. 

While most of our listings only use Debbie Lea,

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doing business on a handshakeTypically when we meet with a home-owner about the prospects of selling their home the consultation is very low-key. We don't bring a sales presentation to the consultation. Instead we focus on understanding the seller's questions and concerns and then making sure we address all of them during our meeting.

Usually we tour the home together and discuss the simple cosmetic improvements that will improve the home's marketability and market value. We discuss the specific marketing strategies that are a good fit for their home. We also cover the latest trends in their local real estate market and a good list price for their property. Last, we discuss the fees that are involved with selling their home. 

By the end of our meeting the seller has a good

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One of our core team values is to partner with quality and reputable service providers who deliver outstanding service and results. Photographer Beau Meyer is one of our partners who fits this description to a tee. Beau consistently delivers with eye-popping photos of every property he shoots. Below are just a few examples of Beau's work from some of our recent listings.

Interior Listing Photos

Here are some beautiful listing photos of kitchens, dining rooms and great rooms. This photo captures this wonderful view from a kitchen overlooking a great room and wall of windows. 

Beaut Meyer Listing Photo Kitchen and Great Room 

This picture shows a dining room, kitchen and great room all in one shot. 

Beau Meyer Dining Room Listing Photo

Here's a beautiful living room shot from one of our downtown luxury condo listings. 

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Lights on, fans off. That's how Beau Meyer gets his photo shoots started. His subject? Homes.

Without giving away all his tricks of the trade, we want to share a few reasons why Beau is one of our favorite photographers to work with for our listings.

Stunning images

Even without seeing Beau's before and after shots on his website, there's no denying his knack for interior photography.

One of his trademarks is to make the exterior views visible through the windows. To do this he combines multiple exposures of images to "make it just like you see it."

He especially loves taking photos of lake homes or "anything with a view."

Realtors trust him to pick out the most valuable features in the house. And even though many of the homes he

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